New moon

I’ve been thinking about how to write this one,
It’s pretty simple,

At some point you wake up and you realize
You can’t bring everyone with you.

You can’t rescue everyone.

Your goals, your dreams, that’s yours.

Dream bigger.
Dream until it scares you.
This is yours.
Write a check to yourself.
So big it scares you.
You’ve got to keep moving forward.
It’s easy, too easy, to whine, and be entitled,
But there is no security, only opportunity,
You have to change your perspective…
“What can I do, so I can afford this?”
I’m talking about rich dad poor dad,
I’m talking about growing,
I’m talking about facing your self,
And dying to self.
This bail me out,
Save me,
Me me me me…
I have an excuse….
Excuse your excuse,
It has to die to self.
Because we are growing.
We are committed.
We are looking for opportunity
I don’t have time
To hang out with
“If only.”
I am moving forward.
It’s about what we build
It’s about what we build…
Because what we build…
We can go there
And come back here…
And help one another …
But I can’t do that…
If I stay here…
If I settle back into apathy
Hoping someone or something will come along one day and rescue me…
Because I’m entitled…

I face myself everyday.
And I will consistently be better
Every day…
And I will not quit.
Surround yourself with ambition a new culture of thinking
Where you either thrive and grow or you get left behind…

Life is not fair.
It is not secure,
I watched my dad struggle
My family struggle
But it’s not his fault
Her fault
Or anyone’s fault
And I have regrets …
If I didn’t I would not be teachable I would be stupid…
You have to face yourself.
sit down and dream bigger.
Learn about the things you are not strong in.
Learn about finances.
Learn something new every day.

It’s your life, not anyone else’s.
Why not you?
Why not us?
Why not now?
What else is there?


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