Writers log 31

I know the holidays are usually really bad on crohns.

Crohns is uniquely different for everyone.
That’s what makes it so difficult,
I’ve tried eating smaller portions.

I pretty much run on naps, working out twice a day 25 minutes each.
Steak,or chicken and potatoes, Dr Pepper or alcohol and soup.

I’m pretty much an old man I know,but this keeps my flare ups down and I’m ok with that.

This year has been stressful enough,
Deal with what you can, leave out the rest.

It gets better.
It really does.
Hang in there.
Keep going.

And guys, guys,

You and I do not have to look like some rip off of men’s health or whatever ad hits your email.

I’m healthy this year and it could change in a New York second.

Just be better than you were yesterday, be intentional.

Get fitted for a suit and shirt

Learn to tie a tie.

Write letters

And always bring more than expected to the table. In love, work, and life.

And remember to be the same for yourself.


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