Cain and Abel

There’s a difference
Potential and opportunity
And there’s a difference in you and I
She said we all live and die
And you have to understand the market place
What keeps people awake …
Across the border
There’s a brother
Some say he’s Cain some say he’s Abel others say there’s still a chance there’s still time for him to change his mind …he talks a lot about a lot and about nothing …
And he never does anything
Now here inside these mountains
There’s some empty buildings
With burned out dreams
They say the economy cut it down like a pale rider with winter eyes …
They say play it safe
Play it close
You can’t live if it goes up in smoke
Like an alert to the welfare state that we are still here
Drinking watered down coffee
Re used grounds
And wearing passed down shoes…
She drinks her drinks
She walks her walk
She laughs a little
And says
It takes 6 to 18 months to make money off a dream but most people shoot it in the yard at 90days and post a sign to remind those dreams not to come around anymore …
And here in this dry county
She drips of sex and honey
Without even trying she is the wet city
Where you can get your drink
And if you’re not careful
You will suffocate yourself
Because you’ve went so long
Without a dream…
Here in this mountain
We talk a lot about a lot
The darkness in this house
In this town
I work three jobs
And I write my goals down
I say good bye
And I pray
We forget the trench wars
Where you could drown in the mud
We forget the survival
Or maybe that’s all we’ve been running on and we can’t reach deeper
Like the lover who holds on to potential afraid that there’s nothing better…afraid that the hunger inside …the craving, is only evil…
Look out over this mountain

When you’re alone you’re alone
There’s a price you pay either way.


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