I know
Deep inside
That I am not good
I try to be
I try to be better
But inside
I want to be lazy
I want to do nothing
I want to scream
I try to be thankful
For the things I have
For those who support me
And encourage me
To compare
Encouraging you
Be thankful
Oh they will sell you a used ticket to an empty stage
And call it life
But I’ve been up and down
I remember where I came from
You get what you are
And if you are romantic
And you are driven
Nothing can kill that
Not even hard times
You may have a few days
But you come back
I am thankful
For what I have
And for those
Who encourage and believe in me
And let me say
I will always remember
When I come back around
I am what I am
I only know how to be me
I’ll dance with you
And I’ll cook for you
And I’ll get drunk from your lips
I know inside I’m not good
But I’ve always tried
I’ve always tried….
And I’m thankful
For her.

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