Bleeding Ink 1,173

1,173 poems

I’m a mess that you don’t want

What kind of life would it be

It looks good on the outside

Suit and tie

But inside it’s me in sweat pants

Lying on the bathroom floor

Drinking in the bathtub

Rain in my head


Sick in the bones

But I can’t stop thinking about you

And I keep saying one day I won’t be sick

And one day things will be better

And when I’m sick

I write letters

To feel better

It’s all rain from the sky

The fire in your eyes

The shadows across your hips

The corners of your lips

There’s a burning desire

Between 1 and 5 am

I close my eyes

And I’m healthy again

It’s just me and you

And I’m a better man

We don’t have to talk

There’s desire in the rain

Let me touch you like a poet

You’re the only woman on earth

I’m drunk from your kiss

Let me memorise your body

And every language that you speak on the brink of the edge of desire

Before you come apart like the weather

The time’s are fast


Everyone says to come last

Can we just undress and forget the rest

It’s just us

Where would I be without you woman


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