Hang in there

I don’t know any other way to say it

Hang in there

Just hang in there,love.

If you make it

Head above water

Hold your body next to mine

But no,

You’re on your own


When it’s quiet at 3am

Not a single jot would change a thing



Hang in there

You’ve made it this far

But if you make it this far??

I’m numb

I don’t feel anything

I’ve worked through this entire year

I’m working still

No relief package

No help

Just working three jobs

Head barely above water

The madness vase

No sleeping in until 9am

Not enough money even to invest

If Door dash went live


Friends I know would be rich


But I’m still right here

Observing and waiting

But I’m tired

I’m so fucking tired

And I feel nothing


Less than nothing


Everyone is bitching

And it’s 12 months in

I thought we’d just began?


Hang in there, love

You’re not out of battery

Things don’t have the meaning

That they appear to

Hang in

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