Beagle in the City #291

Francis: (shuffling in the room)

Ok pops, we’ve got to get you moving. It’s time to get you out there, you’re not getting any younger you know.

Ethan: What are you talking about?

Simon: we set you up an adoption profile. So you can get adopted.

Ethan: say that again? And you better be looking for a new place to live while you’re at it…

Francis: Ok, so what’s some good qualities…you’re house broke, you’re good with kids…qualities…qualities …I’ve got nothing …

Simon: He’s a good hunter…and he likes to walk.

Francis: He is good with the snacks, and couch snuggling. Do we have any fish? Or cammo? He’s gonna have to hold something so they know he’s a catch.

Ethan: Guys! No! Delete it. What? This is for PETS! And I’m fine! I’m happy.

Francis: Hmmm I’m unconvinced but if you insist.

Ethan: I insist, I’ve got this. Really. I do. Everything is fine.

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