My life

Feeling subdued



Feeling the ice cold

Cover my soul

Coming in hot

Just to melt it


They said you had red letter days

Mug shots

Shot to shot

You living on hustle hard

Bread and alcohol

I finished my last rice

I’m not stopping

I’m not stopping halfway

I’ve bled too much

Sacrificed too much


I only get one shot


And she’s pushing hard

Building what she sees

But how is it that she can’t win

When she walks in the room

It’s her clothes


Are you with her just for the comfort her body allows

It’s times like these we’ve got to figure it out

What we thought we were

What we thought life and love was

And what it actually is

Who we are has to rise up

And overcome what we’ve been


I admit

I was playing in the beginning

But now I’m hungry

I’ve seen the possibility

And it’s feeding me

We’re not the same as everyone

And that’s fine

You write to kill you kill to write

Putting the words down just to suffer getting them out

It’s a struggle but you’re real

You’re not missing any note shots


She enters the room she don’t care what you think, what she does and says , wears and thinks, how she moves how she breathes, unapologetic, she’s a different fire new breed the lay-off payoff

Her 9-9 is cashing out your receipts

She’s cashing out

Building wow

You can’t figure her out

New breed new fire fresh desire

Old you can’t apply

Her foundations are older than time

Her hustle is real and you can’t buy that from the App Store.


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