You’re not built the same as all of those other people …
You’re not meant to fit in
Stop trying
You can’t look to the past
You can’t go back…
You can’t
Those years are gone
You’ve been through too too much
You’ve seen too much
You are not the same you…
Those years
You grew
You had it hard
You worked hard
You grew up in the dark
You were building
You can’t look back hoping for people for something that is gone…
I remember working when I was 6
I remember going to the hospital when I was 18 and having surgery
And thinking “I can relax …I can sleep…I can’t fix everything …but I can relax now…”
I remember all the hard mornings and hard nights …
I remember
But I do not blame them or no one …
Those things made me who I am…
I choose…
I choose to build …
And I choose to keep fighting…
I will not quit…
We’ve came too far to quit …
And if you’re unrecognisable
If people don’t know what to do with you
If you make them nervous
If you can’t be labelled
You’re building your own brand
You’re a new thing
Do not quit
Hard times made you
You were meant for this.
Job scraped boils with pottery
Seeking a moment of comfort …
But he did not quit…
You’re different
You’re meant to be different
You’re not normal
You’re a different breed
They don’t make them like you anymore
Because you are born in darkness
You are born out of survival
You are born
Out of decision
You chose at some point
Who and what you were going to be …
You saw what was around you…
But you carried a vision in your gut and tho you were born in struggle and darkness, you had fire in your bones …
And you cannot quit
You’ve made it this far…
You may fall…
You may get hit…
You may struggle
You may doubt …
You may get tired …
But you always come back …
You learn
You move with the hits
You get stronger
You build back
You’re building something …
You’re not suppose to fit the mold of what is common
Because you’re uncommon.
It’s not normal to be like you are…

And thats ok.

You were meant for such a time as this…


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