Feeling the roots to the pain
Reaching deep down
For my witness
Got to admit there was seasons
Where I doubted the existence
But I figure
When the devils at your door
Every night telling you
To give in to the doubt
And you’re lesser somehow
If there’s a heaven there’s a hell
Vice to verse
One love one lane
One season one pain
One gain
I’m inspired somehow
He never said he’d supply a luxury
He said I’d have enough bread for the day
I have bread in my freezer
Rice on my counter
A beer in my hand
Enough for the day
Every day
Know now
I’m not giving in
I’m not giving out
Not to the doubt
It’s the fire
In my heart
In my eyes
He knows the need
I’m not giving in
I’m not giving out
And there at the cross roads
I’m waiting for my victory
Working out
Not doubting it
I’m so close
Breaking through the lies
I’m not settling
I’m shooting for the sky
Taking what’s mine
Who made the rules ?
I hate losing
I’m running not from my past
But from poverty
From this lesser part of me
I’m taking everything to victory
I know what the past has
My life has got to be like this
My life has got to be like this
Moving forward


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