Get Born

Photo by Emily Ann Kirby

We didn’t have time to watch tv

But something in the gut was happening with me…

Born under a military flight zone

Just another small town

We watched the towers fall

We watched the world change

Every generation has its pain

You’re not broken

You’re not in pieces

You’re just bruised

You’re still whole

You’ve just been kicked around


The middle class

The working man

The single mom

Take the hardest hits

But they can’t stay down

They get back up

With both feet on the ground

We’re just out here

Trying to find some kind of peace


I had a cousin

Couldn’t take the pain

Shot himself

Just to get away


I don’t care what you think of me

All I need is my queen

But if she kicks you when you’re down

If she only takes …

Then fuck, brother ,

You’ve got to know when to leave the table ….

Know your worth

And don’t accept anything less


We still have room for growth

We still have overcast skies

But we’re still out here

Working through the pain

Trying to figure out how to explain

What the kids are seeing on the internet

When we go to sleep


I had a friend in Tennessee

No where to go

No where to be

Barely holding on

We are not divided as we seem to be

Everyone is hurting

Living in these broken towns

No work to be found

Bills abound

And rent ain’t cheap

Son what am I supposed to do

How am I supposed to sleep?

Oh god now, oh my god now,

I don’t need a bailout

I need a helping hand

Is there still a foothold for a dream?

Is there still room in this heartland

For a working man

I’m just burning down these roads




That tomorrow is gonna be a cool cool morning

For a new dream

And let me tell you

Oh my god now

Oh my god now

Is there room for us in these small towns

To get born now

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