the promise

We were young
Outgunning ourselves
like we had endless chances
But we had so much more on the line

Just these hungry hearts
And time …

Tossing them aside like used cigarettes

Now we’re on the other side

Afraid to talk about our mental health
Still outgunning the shadows on the wall
Useless for love
Useless for time

I’m not asking if you have a 500 horsepower dream
I’m just asking
Have you ever held a heart in your hands
You thought for sure would keep beating…

I’m asking

Have you ever lost …
With restless legs
Trying to get to sleep

Fists full of rage and years

And I’m not promising
I’ll never make you cry
We all have our dark horse days

I’m just promising
I’ll give you the best that I am
No matter what comes
No matter what’s been dealt
At the end of the day
In the arms
You will be held

And I know
We are no tougher than anyone else
And I know
Some years are hell
At the end of the day
It’s in these arms
That you will be held ….

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