This life

Call it
On the table
Just another come down
Millionaire row
Capitol punishment
Climbing to the ledge again
Full loaded
Running seven months
Non stop
Breaking this body
Just another story
Of a white boy
Inbetween towns
Mind goes numb
Flushed out
Push back
Write it out
Just now slowing down
Catch your breath
You haven’t even seen me get started yet
I’m about to shift now
Lift off
My life
My life has got to be like
Full load
White hot
Guns on the ground
New genre
Never been cut from a cloth
They broke the mold
You can’t let go
What you never hold
Full stop
Push back
Get it right
There’s no second chances
One shot only
Good god almighty
They called it a monster
I called it an icon
You can’t hate where you came from
When it put you on a mad run
Termites eating the window seal
Feel the floorboard breaking down
Buckets catching water under the sink
Been working since the age of 6
I’m not even in 1st place I’m 9 laps ahead of you…
Used to get my shoes from a dump
Passed down
Now I’m dressing myself
Impressing myself
Creating myself
Focus on the details
Don’t look back
You know what’s back there
You’re future residents only
Mad City
Our city
I’ll set a place at the table
For those that helped me
This table’s for those that starved with me
Grind with me
Lifted me
Carried me
You look back

You’ll never catch me


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