The importance of Art

Is poetry important?

You put a girl or guy into verse and they become immortal…the loss of a business or family…

I write to understand myself and what I’m living…

Writing is easy, living, living is hard…

You never know what your art is going to do once it leaves you…once it becomes its own thing…

Florence Welch (Florence + the Machine) penning “What kind of Man.” in 2015 inspired by…Stevie Nicks ….

You never ever know…

You have to create





Break plates


Something that wasn’t here before

Create something against the raging night

Like you’re running out of time

Because you are

You matter

Your skin and bones

Your heart of flesh

Your body like a shore

The tide reaching constantly


You matter

Star dust in your lungs

Darkness and fog in your mind behind your eyes

Death screaming through your hands


There is no escape from this life

You must create

Leaving something that stands against the night as proof that you were here

That you are more than a wage

A title

A gender

A partner

A caretaker

An employee

This grit

This line against paper

This heart

Is not a wild creature

It is older than the gods and it must be

Valued, cultivated, nurtured, protected…

Roots reaching into the soul ….

Giving passion in return , through the storm.

Is poetry and art important ?

Living is hard – but this- these things- are what makes us unique- these things….say you were here, you were awake, you loved, hurt, ached, cried you laughed you breathed you tried…

You matter


Right here

Right now – this version of you- not tomorrow’s not some better version…THIS version that is struggling and fighting…this version. You matter. How else will you know? Without art? All of it is for you, for us, saying… we were here.


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