Full Americana

He’s got the radio jack

Your hearts on fire

He’s got his six string reigned in

You’ll be the grit

He’s got the fire

To keep you runnin’ these roads

trailer park cities

Cemetery towns


Three jobs and a heart on the sleeve

Your Heartbreakers

The waters always rise

But he’ll keep you believing someone can see a light and the end of the road

Full Americana

The hook

The pistol

The alcohol

The words

The dream

Full rock n roll

Nothing to believe

Just the music

The music and what you’re working for


“Well, you know who I am
So don’t treat me like I’m someone else
Well, you know what I am
So don’t act like I’m something else
You know where I am
So don’t act like I’m somewhere else…”
-Tom Petty – We Grew up Fast

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