Moons (2019)

Let go of all of your weights

You’re free

To forgive yourself

You’re free to

Live with yourself

You’re free

And this heart

Still beating on the butchers floor

And these lungs

Are still breathing

Under water

And you numbered all of my scars

But in case they didn’t tell you…

Too much perfection

Is just a mistake

(What would we do with it?)

(If we caught it)

Like the lines in the palms of her hands

Did you trace them?

The breaths she takes

Did you notice them?

The air

The light

Just as you break the surface of the water

The way she parts her lips

That first kiss

Did you taste it…

(The moon is down

I’m dissolving into her skin…)

Too much perfection …

What would we even do with it…

Don’t make lists against yourself …

Go gently

Like the moonlight over water…


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