These mountains

We’re wide awake
Keeping it too close to the heart, babe
There’s no way to know
How long we will be around
It sticks in the sides
Hot steel
Like fire and suicide
Acid rain and fog
Behind the eyes
It shows in the fracking
To the gut
The scars never heal
The stapled flesh
Let the world run through you
Open highway
It’s just the words in front of your eyes
Textured rooms
Broken vessels
Hearts that try to change
Struggle with the strain
So against
A greatest hits
For broken souls
Declaring this is not our end
Let’s keep it close to the heart
Keep it taken care of
Everyday there’s some kind of pain
But what else is ever going to change
Some days I can’t eat
And some days I can’t see
Some days I drink just to numb the noise
And stop writing things down
And damn
Oh my girl
She’s got starship eyes
She says she knows
How things burn down
She knows how things end

In shutdown towns

Let’s keep it close
To the heart
Keep it close to the start
Keep it real
Acid rain and fog behind my eyes
And cracking hands
Fracking gut
Sea of dreams
Riding the river
Riding across this mountain
Born out of shutdown towns
We’re wide awake
Keep it close
To the heart
to the start
Keep it real


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