The discourse (seen in eden)

Oh where did the weather
Land on your houses?
Thousands of notes
Decades of social media
Heart ache
Oh where did you rest
Vulnerability ?
Is there room here
At the table for
For empathy
Is there room now
For the divorced
The discourse
The poets
The love that miscarries
The sketches of little hearts
Broken by time
Mouths hungry for feeding
Hearts aching for connection
We have so much riding
on tomorrow
But no trust for today
Did you keep that knife
In your hand ,
Try so hard,
But we don’t understand
How is there courage
Without trust
The arena of time
Your dreams cast down
And stone
Where did it come down
on your houses
Did you ever lose
Did you ever try
Did you ever meet someone
Beyond the masquerade
Who was real….
Oh where is your profit for your stone face
And cold hand
Where did the hard rain fall on your land
Where did the concrete touch your heartland
What moment did your childhood end
What moment did they pack your
Risk and your vulnerability and leave you a check…
We say we don’t care
We say we don’t feel
We say we move mountains
But we are not real
And in the morning
See the sun break through
see your love and loved
Move with grace and peace
And know we all struggle
We all have pain
We all come from nothing
And we can remain
We can reach across
Those walls
We can stand side by side
We can do more than live hard
We can love we can try
We can see we are in the arena
And the cheap seats
Are casting their own bets
But there is no courage there
There is no risk
We can be the moment
For what people can do
The love and vulnerability
The risk
The trust
To break these chains
To begin again
To begin again
There’s no use
To look back
All that won’t last has past
And all we have is time
All we have is time
Don’t think we have time
Let’s meet again
Beyond the
silhouetted masquerade
Cast away your perfect image
We can be real for just a moment
And trust what we must become
To be living…

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