Second Bite (beer with the devil 3)

I had a dream I was drinking with the Devil again…

The bar fell quiet. The crowd of people but I felt some-one else moving through them. I could hear his hard soles on the floor…just shadow and cold.

⁃ I’m so glad you finally made it. It’s really been too long.

He spread his arms wide

⁃ You really out did yourself.

⁃ There is something else. I can feel it.

⁃ Who? Lou? Nah that’s just Death. He’s been here a long time. you’re not wrong. It’s passed the politician and the promises. The light show, you feel it too. You’re an old soul. That’s why I like artist. You feel us before we ever arrive. Like the weather.

⁃ Who is it?

⁃ Death, hates her. She’s a much older evil. She was here before the beginning. Before anything was written. Before the plan. She only serves herself.

I sat back and looked around the room. I felt like I was old. I felt like I was sifting.

I remembered old tent revivals

Dirt on the floor

I remembered thunderstorms

And mountain roads

A thin voice, eaten by tobacco and gin spoke

I didn’t even notice he had sat down.

-You’re sick. I can smell it in your blood. You’re losing weight. You can only endure so much pain.

Another voice spoke at the table. I hadn’t noticed she had sat down. She looked tired. Tattoos. A thick accent. She ashed her cigarette in my drink.

⁃ Shut up. He’s always been tired. You believe everyone is sick anyway.

⁃ You see, your vanity has you thinking the good is even with the evil. There’s no balance. You’re just as selfish as me. You want to be remembered and you want your Guardian here to be all powerful but we don’t work like that. Time is not linear. It’s brief and it’s quick and it’s over before you begin. And people will always choose the easiest paths. The comfortable. What they know. Thin love and a little poverty with a cold comfort.

⁃ I don’t think you really know people. I think people endure and grow and evolve.

⁃ Your vanity is showing…you have more of me in you than you realise. Hell is not a destination it’s here…demons are in you…heaven is just a warm memory…

I finished my drink…

-it’s always nice chatting…but we did make it. We did endure and we are still.

– I’m growing on you. You’re getting comfortable and alone. You don’t even see the changes. But I do.

I looked at Syl. She lit another cigarette. I looked back over and they all were gone. Per usual.

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