But there is nothing great
About the “starving artist”
There is nothing great
About suicide
Self harm
Self sabotage
Or poverty
These things are just human
We work
We strive
We struggle
And we carve out time to make art
We flex muscles that haven’t been used
Like crossing a bar to talk to a girl that no one has the courage to …
Just do…
Do the things that terrify you
That’s the only things worth doing…
But starving? No
It will change you
Give you subject matter
Yes, maybe,
But you will be stuck in survival mode
Poverty will change you
But does it make you an artist?
I don’t think so…
Making your art
Makes you an artist ….
If you work to eat and make time to make your art
You are an artist
If you worry
That you are not real
That you are somehow
Faking it
You are real
You are making it
And you should continue


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