No love

No Love

write to kill
kill to write
Carry the weight
Don’t hesitate
At the gate
Don’t hate what you came from
Dust on your shoes
Cross that river
Last name
It takes forever – build its meaning-
Forever- keep climbing
Keep walking these roads
Get over that mountain
Back to your roots
You’ve always been on the bottom
Of the economic collapse
No one hears the sound out here
In the south
When you lose everything
Rebuild yourself on minimum wage
Time and a half don’t happen
Working multiple jobs
don’t have time for
Cancel culture
came up high on the church
less than nothing
Concrete floors
Kerosine heat
3 point sermons is where I sharpened my tongue
My pen is tight
My ink just might
Cut you down
But trust me
I hate myself more than any words you say
We banned rhymes from slim shady
Halftime shows
You think Slim cared?
He kept rhyming
Kept climbing
Now he’s at the top
Where are you at?
Still throwing your hate
Doing the same pain on a different day…
irony is the agony
We raised a soft culture
Now we’ve been cancelled by our own government
We should be so proud they “let us keep working where and when we can”
While they take vacations
try to figure out if we are adult enough to move towards a new world order….
All we do is talk talk talk
Like bad rap
Click clack
We never really do any-thing
You’re cancelling feelings
Re writing memory of exes
But still shutdown
Starving in the right now
That’s what they think of you
The rich get richer
You lost your family and friends
Dying alone In hospital beds
And they argued over whether you could properly handle a check
That’s what they think of you
Remember the actions not the words …
My soul is a cold product
Censorship is not my jam
I’m through here
I don’t play games
If you want to find me
Find me
You want to hang with me
Hang with me
back and forth
counting days to see if it’s the right time of week to talk to you
Is not what I’m about
I don’t stay in this spot
Your plot
Is not in my bio
I’m climbing
Moving forward
There’s no hurt here
There’s no words here
You can’t skip these hard places
Where you overcome the hurdles
Where the hurt was worse

Now when the next plague hits
Where will you turn to
To see inspiration
To keep you climbing
Look at these hard places
forever yours
Like the ink and a scar
Be your own inspiration
back in the game
Fire in your eyes
The game just changed

Muhammad Ali

When you hit
Life isn’t a handout
There are no Perfect places
I know we said what we say
And love hurts
Like flying too close to the sun
It burns into the skin
And you lose parts of yourself
Like sunburn
And you won’t be the same

Now, like M said, this looks like a job for me.
Maybe it’s the Virgo in me,
We need some controversy
Ride the tide
This started in the classroom now it’s in the boardroom
Born into it with newsfeeds and apples click,hate,bait,
Trigger warning – click clack
Better Bot that – post
There they go
Women still fear for their life
Because of men
You can’t put it out
You’re dealing with the future
Is it something you could get into ?
I know the last past is most comfortable because you know
The drain
Life is pain
But you lift it
You keep walking
Survivalism is my anthem
Will the real you stand up
Will you overcome yourself
Will you rebuild yourself
Will you realise your responsibility to yourself
Keep fighting
Keep building
Keep creating
You can’t go back
We don’t live there anymore
You want a future
You’ve got to face yourself
This is a game they keep you playing until you’re dead
And you definitely can’t win
You have to create it
Your future
Create it
Create it
Help doesn’t arrive down here
With the mud on your shoes
Blood in the water
Feels like quitting
Real life is hard
It hits like Nolan Ryan
Bottom of the 9th
No hitter
Taste the blood
Time to be a new man
Can you handle the heat
Don’t go back to the same past
We’ve had enough of that
It’s time to arrive
Climb out of this place that we’re in
It’s time to manage myself
Get over my sins
Take myself off this cross
Crucify? We’re past that
This is the resurrection
Hitting like the cosmos
in your blood like Cialis
You can’t handle it
I’m tired of my own shit
It’s past time to decide
What you’re gonna be son
Count down
You’ve got to make your path
No one is going to arrive for you
Think on your feet
Best your personal best
Don’t settle
Don’t settle
Don’t settle
Get over the old times
Write some new rhymes
Survivalism is my anthem.

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