The Arena

What if?
What if?
There’s not enough time ?
You’re too old?
Love leaves you?
Love hurts you?
You fail?
You’re too toxic
You’re too much

Etc etc etc

It’s not about your goals
Your ambition

It’s about what you’ve become

Everything you’ve been through
Has changed you
You can’t live in the past
You can’t go back

You could spend your whole life
Trying to be something
You’re not
Or even pursuing things
And people you really are not passionate about
Because they are safe
But you can fail there too

Here’s the kicker

The you
That you are
On this side of the arena
Can handle
Any what if
Because of those storms
What if love? etc
You now know
You can leave the table
What if you fail?
You know you can build again
What if you’re too old
You have experience

you’re stronger
Than you once was
Smarter than you once was
Experience changes you
Storms change you
Darkness changes you

But you’re still you

It’s about who you’re becoming
And those you help along the way
Be yourself
Level up
Help always
But do not settle
Do not settle
Do not lesson or quiet yourself
And never go back
We move forward
Out here
We grow out here
We may have scars
And broken bones
But we are survivors
And we
Out here

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