Old language
For new seasons
Old hearts
New faces
How were we to know
These were all the days we had
The years dragged on and on into the sun
There were no walls
With floors caving
There was still no escaping
When the masks we wear came down
She spends her nights
With the refugees
The renegades outside of town
That feel like there’s no language for this
Are there safe spaces
For us to understand
What is left of us
In the end
To find a way to communicate in the dark
To find a little spark
I hope you feel normal
I hope you remember
The way
We all broke down
But we held each other
Until the moon went down

It’s a long way down
Ghosts inside of this town
The back of my mind
I can remember
When we left it all behind
the way we were
What we wanted
What we became
It’s a midnight commotion inside of me
This feeling drowning me
You can have a voice
groomed into silence
You can lose a lot in time
You can suffocate your heart
You can split your mind
And he said he owned her
Good things never last
She should settle down
Those days
She hardly came around
And time after time
Season after season
Life after life
She let these big things go
Taken piece by piece
Little by little
Until she was empty
Chained to a pain
She couldn’t express
A tight control
She’s about to let go
She’s about to shake lose
She’s about to free her soul
Just a little bit
On these back roads
A little bit of soul
Dust on the shoes
Past the pavement
The mud in the earth
She’s going back to her roots
Shes shaking lose
She’s letting go
Old language
For new seasons
Old hearts
New faces
Turn these lights down
Turn these lights down low
There’s no tight control
There’s still a storm in the skin
A fire within
You can free your voice
Free your soul

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