Stars (light years)

They’ve been sending signals to the sky
These messages for years
Into light years
Hoping for some return
Here’s the secret
If there is a return
It would be light years away…
It takes years…
This is the kicker,
Your power,
They don’t want you to know
Because the messages would be from the future
That’s light years
Decades away
Because they receive the messages
They read your art
Listened to your favorite songs
They know how all of this ends
You make it
You survive, all of, this….
Like the pages from a book
Your words
Your lines
Your art
Your signals
They stand as evidence
That you were here
Here’s your power
Those messages
The return
Are all around you
in the quiet
The stillness
Stardust in your skin
Lights in the sky
The quiet
If you just listen
We survive
We continue
We survive
So send your art
Your words
Your signals
You are worthy

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