Cancel nation

Maybe every generation
Hates the generation
That came before it
Maybe you know what you’re gonna do
22 years from now?
Push back
When your kids find your only fans accounts
Your fb
New media
Whatever minuscule attack they relapse
And attack
Your financial stats stick out
You finally made it
But they’re gonna disassemble it
Success is a sin
Your Marlboro cigarette
Who are you gonna call
When the courts set in?
Everybody comes after your sins
word is out
That you’re just human
We all want Atticus Finch
until the skeletons are out
Here goes the newsfeed
Get your shades out
Hide your blood shot eyes
Your habit
You’re an addict
We’re all trash under a different zip code
Does that offend your moral code
You have bitcoin
I have back pain
And 20 years in the workforce
We’re not the same
It’s your future
My past
Fading fast
Dementia to my demons
Your blood
You’re the product
They gave me a check
And called it a stimulus
They gave my brother a check
And called it reparations
We both work side by side
not the same
Different scars
But we know we have to survive
How do you put a price tag on
The mindset
You live on welfare
Build an America
But have to build your own version
Where we can get by as well
Down here
Even the future smells
But we won’t get there looking to the past
stupid pills
Shit town
On the ledge
Take your dream
Cut out your tongue
Disposable thrills
Shoot to kill
How do you lift a one liner
To get you through the storm?
I’ve been suicidal since before I was born
Half an hour
You need to see evil
To know evil
When the mark of the beast hits
You need an older evil to fight that
You need the one that penned revelations
You need a soul revolution
Not a new solution
I hope you can handle it
When love leaves you
When love hits you
When you can’t cancel the holes in the walls
When you can’t get out
When you’re heart caves in
When you have to earn the food
On the table
Throw caution to the wind
Call my name again
Shut up
Sit down
You don’t know what we’ve been through
You’ve spent your life with selfie nation and bad instagram activism
I don’t give a fuck
What you think
Talkin’ trash
“Quit drinking like you’re 20.”
You’ve never been in a bad marriage
Where you almost walk in front of a train just to get out
Go verify
Your fathers body
On the carpet
Stand at your best friends funeral
I drink straight heat
Just to keep from killing myself
To shut the world out
Turn the words off
Feel normal
Get your white claw tv static and sit the fuck down
Go get a job
Better yet
Eat your heart out
Work 3 jobs
Until you level up
Make art just to have something
That wasn’t there before
Turn the iPhone off and go live
Then come back
And we’ll talk about it….
But since you whine about it
Just know
My life moves forward motion
I won’t be here

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