Automatic thoughts

And maybe we don’t really want to live in a thought control cage
You don’t want to take a lover
That has you walking on egg shells
Why take on a life
Where the art you make
Breathes indifferently
I have space for
Art that is reflective
But I reserve the ability to change at any moment
To be different
To weep
To work
To burn down and build again
To kill my demons
That arrive in my nightmares
My passion
My sin
You must have space for flaws
You are growing
You are alive
You must keep your voice
Do not give it away so quickly
Do not give it away for comfort
Or security
You are giving in
To doubt
Doubting your conscious
Giving up your autonomy
There will be seasons
Where you are becoming
And be you
Be you so wildly
That it burns from space
And catches the breath in the throat of the onlookers
And they will know
What it is to create
To have wept
To lose sleep
To know pain
To begin again
To love again
Be you
Be you

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