You hit ground zero
And you survived the fall
Summer came
Like the sunrise
We held on to sadness
We wrapped our minds in it
We were overwhelmed
And had done things
In things we didn’t think we’d become
“Let him who is without sin ….”
I don’t think you can live in the past
Things turned form good intentions to worse …
It was hard to keep up
But most of us
At least out here
Didn’t have time to even check in
We had to work
Our daily bread
But it was overhanging
This new “social credit.”
She called me one night
This was her worst fear
They were burning the cities
How was she supposed to raise her children in this ? What words could she say?
It was one thing, to tear down statues th that were ordered from a catalogue
It was another entirely
To go from that to burning and looting
To “you don’t have the authority to talk about this subject.” Because of the tone of your skin, or you were not a direct lineage to this subject…
How was she supposed to communicate this to her son?
Her white friends didn’t understand
I just listened
She said she needed a little more time
I said that was fine
Things were heated in every town
And every platform
Artist didn’t know how to translate
The times into art
What does a soul say?
How does a heart ache?
How does the sky cry?
When it’s in pain?
We continued
We continued
I was old enough to know
There are no absolutes
We are all broken
There is no security
You win in some places
And lose in others
Some of us
Lost more
You could see it in their eyes
They lost their drive
Their hope
Their belief
Their faith in themselves
They lost their innocence
You couldn’t just do a handout
This lost generation
Cut down in the market square
Blood stained
The empty street
The hospital beds filled
With silence
For those who died alone
The streets
With silence
For those
Who didn’t know
Who couldn’t know
How this would go….
You hit ground zero
And you survive
But you carry a limp
A scar
A shadow
You’re not the same

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