(Hearts doing) Time

I know
We used to say
We would get out
And we went
And we died
With rose coloured eyes
We had dreams
That haunt us now
We thought we could keep the world
And politics
outside of our bedrooms
But life
So often is about circumstances
Circumstance stares at you in the mirror
writes your bank balance
tells you what hospital to use
makes your bed
Is it there with you
The bag in your tea
the fighting words
Like the ghost from what we thought we were

She tells me
I can’t keep showing up and ghosting out like this
And these days
Times are hard
But we can’t shut our minds
And somehow
We can’t leave hurt alone
It’s the drive
That keeps us
Up at night
And we both
Have fear
And we both
Have doubt
And we both
Have memories
Of what we thought
Life would be by now
But we both
Have to keep going on somehow
Because we can’t stand
What we thought
And we understand
Life is just life
It’s broken hearts
It’s shattered time
And time again
It’s people and lies
Sometimes you just have to keep
Moving on
And hope
That by Christmas
We will be doing fine
While our hearts
Are still doing time


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