Writers Log #34

Still hands

Cant hold

Can’t grip

What is left to lose?

Were our hearts really whole?

Or were we just so occupied ….

Jaded minds

Unveiled eyes

Still measuring what we lost in time

And I can’t remember your voice…

All these things we thought could never leave our mind…

Is god out there somewhere with you

Is this really the blessing

Jacob wrestled for

Or is it something else

They keep you busy

They keep the wheels spinning

While you’re sleeping


Changes come on fast

Is it the same sand

In the jar

Is it the shore

Is it my body

Does it miss the sea

Does it know about eternity

Is there patience

Is there time

What is passing through your mind

What is left of my life

What is left of our time

While cities turn to dust

Another is born online

Is it about the money

Is it about my life

Is it the consistency

Is it the spice

Not the meal

Is it the hunger

Is it the evenings

With you by my side

Who said

Who said

Who said

We had time



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