Writers Log #35

Look at all

the broken places

The hearts downtown

hide away

Say you’re ok

Clear the road

The drought came through

Taste it in the well

Jacob wrestles his lord in the desert

Tired of being tired

Tired of the struggle

Aren’t you tired yet

Of the getting kicked around

Careful kid

You’ll lose a decade

Worrying about the things

That just never come around

But you can lose more than you give

Right here in the underground

And sometimes

After a time

That just says more about you ….

my lord

My lord

The years can weigh you down

Feel it from the underground

It’s just the ghost

Of what you put in the ground

Don’t stand frozen

And they keep asking for more

The price is higher than you thought it would be

Don’t stand frozen

You keep looking for a Mile marker

How long have you been here now

aren’t you tired yet

Broken promises


They can promise you anything

At some point

You’ve got to look around

What does the tracks in the desert say…

How much more do you give away …

Careful kid

You can lose more than you give away

Hey, hey, hey,

You’re depending on you

Aren’t you tired yet

Of getting kicked around

We all know what’s right

Hey, hey, hey,

Don’t you give it all away

You’re worth the getaway

I know it all gets heavy

But these roads are made for dreaming

And the skies the limit

It’s not so lonely

It’s not so heavy

It’s not so…

Once you get over

Once you get going

The blisters from the road

The skies are nuclear tonight

You know how you want to be treated

You know how you want to be loved

You know how you want to live

How you want to work

You’re not so small

You don’t have to hide

You can live your life

– E




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