The times

Set out
To name
the way that you feel
the weight of the times
The miles
The decades of war within and without
The constant state of becoming
Not knowing quite who you are
Where you’ve gone
Or where it is that you are going…
But you constantly wake up to find
Something new
Inside yourself
Some kind of light
Are you gonna talk about
What it’s like stepping out
Into the night
The lights in the sky
Echo what’s inside
And just maybe
The way you want to really feel…
Evelyn McHale
See her there
Her eyes they are only sleeping
Born Sept 20th 1923
Like me
Like you
named “the most beautiful suicide.” Because of a kids photograph taken 4 minutes after her after…
Was she afraid
Was she cursed
Was she like me
Was she like you
From the 86th floor
Newly engaged
Caused her to land
Across the street …
From a past she won’t keep
Her clutching hand
Her face almost asleep
How can you not wonder
About the stories of women with men
And why we are constantly freightened
We all have darkness and light we all have things we just keep inside
We forget to hold
And to keep
And to remember
And every story
Inside every heart
And every storm
We’ve had to weather
And we all forget
How we
Along with the times
We are also constantly changing

– E

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