I wondered
If anyone
Has ever seen
The sunset
In her eyes
They used to shine
Like lights over water
I wonder
If anybody has ever been to you
A friend
Like you have been for – I


Oh now mama
There’s homeless in the street
You don’t even know
The records the soul keeps
See that cloud
Hanging down
There’s a storm breathing now
Like Samson
To pull the pillars of the earth down
One last moment of strength
And so so we go…

Do you ever worry that you’re everything you’re really afraid of in other people ?

Do you ever see that knife in your hand?

Do you stand in the butchers floor
Where heaven, hell and hearts meet
And see
every man
Can do this evil

I do not
Plot against you

There’s a loneliness
That you just keep inside
You can
Walk on for so long now …
not sure if you’re ever
Really happy
Or if you’re just pretending
It’s a scar
That we all carry
At different points in our life
And it’s one we must decide to put down
Even without answers
And so I wonder
How many ways
How many days
That I will change
Along the way…

And how many ways
this heart will fight to stay the same

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