Lilith comes in
Off the gallows
Through the street
First wife of Adam
First wife of Lucifer too
Queen of Hell
You know her
But you’ve never met her
She’s an artist tho
You’ve never seen her
You’ve seen her work
There’s a long line
Of souls in her wake
Bewitched by time, ego and pride
The devil himself got tired of her ways…
There’s a lot of seduction
Under her name
There’s a lot of other stuff too…
Five days in
And she’ll drain your cup dry
You’re a fool if you stay
You’re a fool
if you really believe you can go …
Who’s playing who?
Well dressed
There’s no direction home
There’s no intimacy
There’s nothing real here to eat
Just a shot gun heart
A silence in the night
It’s all about who’s holding power
There’s a fire in her cup
Reaching the dead in the night
She’s filling her cauldron
That’s your skin that crawls
When she passes your door
Any minute now
she’ll drain the whole wide world dry
You’re a fool if you stay
You’re a fool
if you really believe you can go …
You put off consequence
To avoid the rain
All you did
Was multiply pain
There’s a lot of truth in the world
There’s a lot of dishonesty
People are foolish
And these days
Everyone walks the same
Even time slows down
When you come around
Spend your life
Your energy
Building more than cities and money
Titles can burn
Salaries can wash away
Any minute now
Hell is gonna come with your name …
Character is the only thing ever built to stay
It will cover the tab
It will be a bridge for you
When you meet Opportunity
Don’t fool yourself son
You’ve got nothing to prove
Happiness only comes with responsibility
You can’t win
With one foot in the sky
Another in your pride
Live on truth
You know what to do
Stop saying things you don’t even believe
Stop hanging out
Where you don’t really want to be
Start walking and listening with women
You’d like to meet
Nothing is out of range but when you start out with dishonesty
There’s no step to reality
A lie will build a lie
There’s no word to take
People are foolish
And I’m the same
You know I used to drink here
But I changed my ways
Like Dylan said ….I’m not that eager to make a mistake ….

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