My mom
Used to have this old pot
With a broken handle
That she used to make fudge with
We called it her fudge pot
Because it was just the right size and it got just hot enough fast enough …
We all got burned by it many times
But the food was great…

We soon forgot about the burnings…

We enjoyed the fudge and the sauces…

The stories we would share while cooking …

Stories get passed down
There are things that only you know …
There are things you are especially good at…

Even broken or scarred
With baggage
And confusion
You are still you and you still matter and more than that…you are useful and great at what you do well…

Do the things you do well
Let yourself enjoy them
A little more everyday
Stories are important
It’s all creating
Little by little
A story
A meal
A memory
These things decorate our lives
And make them a home …


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