Stuck in time

We’ve lost a lot
A funeral procession
we’re stuck in time
And grief doesn’t look
The way we thought it would
Our lives aren’t lived out the way we
Thought they should
And on the days I really feel it
I just cook
With a drink in my hand
And a notebook and a pen
It’s somewhere in there
I remember that I’m not who I once was…
Maybe none of us are,
We’ve seen too much
Lost too much …
We’ve got more in common than we would know …
We’re more than dividing bitcoins
Like Jesus and the loaves of bread …
More than a hashtag
More than a filter
More than just a memory…
And who knows what lies ahead
for me
Everything else
Everything else
Is always in the next paragraph …
So let your hair down
Rest in my arms
Like the rain against the window
The coffee in the filter
The yuengling in the bottle
Everything else is in the next paragraph…


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