Your Days (on the level)

For what it’s worth,
You matter,
Your days are still yours, no one else’s
If you don’t feel like creating
It’s ok,
That’s why we have dark winters
And midnight
But even the memes you share
The menus you read
The watch and the band
So many simple things
Were created
And styled
Let yourself
Be yourself
I tried to numb myself into submission
I tried to not carry it anymore
I tried to stare into the fire
And hope it would cover me
But then all things leveled
To eye level
My level
I drank with the devil
My vices too
I saw
That there are only days
And each soul is handed the same worn used cards
They are only played differently
And I
Saw no more heavy dreams
And rains
Only work and pain
But happiness too
I saw particularly
Rather than blind optimism
Risk and chance
And accomplishment in the end ….
You will keep on
You will hold love for a moment
You will win and you will lose
You will hurt
And you will be tired
But you will begin again
Your days are still yours, no one else’s
You matter,
For what it’s worth…


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