A poem for the lonely

A poem for the lonely
I changed my profile picture today
A world filled with avatars and the illusion of conversations,
Likes and debates,
But no understanding
No empathy
Void of emotions
never face to face…
I am still lonely….
Somewhere a marriage is a ghost ship,
Somewhere life got away from a student and now they are a graduate…
I hear the stomping feet of children on the stairs but never see them…
Somewhere …
There is a heaven somewhere …
According to a 700 year old poem ….
that dreaded letter I learned to avoid in English class…P….poem…
Out there we are on our knees before our lovers and gods
asking how to be kinder
How to love softer
How to not be so afraid ….

How can I be kinder
How can I love you softer
I can I help you not be afraid…


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