Fort Payne

Fort Payne
Oh my wondering heart and mind
Weighed down by rain and time
Working hands
And bones
These mountains
I know
Are mine
But tonight
I miss you
I miss you
And I’ve got someone
To keep me company
I’ve got someone
We’ve all got someone
Just one, two, three…
But tonight….
I’m missing you…
Everything I know about you,
you know – me…too
You know me…
And I’ve got these mountains
I know they’re mine
But I wish I had you close
Closer still….
It’s just my mind
I’ve got a city I know
With its lights
everything comes easy
Or so they say
And I know…
Everyone will be leaving soon
We all get out just run away
Maybe I wish …
I’m just weighed down by rain and time
Maybe you will change your mind
Maybe I’ll change mine
Maybe it’s just time…
Could we
can we find a space
For all the hearts we lost in time …
All the different memories of us
Different versions too
put to rest …
I’m missing you
For what it’s worth,
It’s just me,
Writing to myself
And I quit drinking too
And I’m doing alright
You keep coming around
You show up
A little bit in everything I write ….
Fort Payne .


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