Oh heart

That beats heavy

In its humanity

Like canvas against the wind shading the memory…holding on to proper goodbyes…

While knowing

Your soul is in the stars

It holds on to what is missing

It holds on to this human field

This place of dirt

Of thanksgivings

Of memory

Sunday’s , holidays…

Summers gone with alcohol

And sunburn

These will now be empty …

Played over again

Like a Friday night old glory story

There is a place inside

For quiet mourning

And tears

Where this human heart

Breaks like the currents in the sea at night ….

Against this human field

This dirt

This rock

This youth

We were …young ….

Now leveled like the dirt in these fields

And there is a yelling out

Yelling now

Is it this heart in its sleep?

There is a space here

There is an emptiness

But this heart will remember

Remember in memory

Knowing there will be no more

Sunday’s , holidays…

Summers gone with alcohol

And sunburn against your skin

There is only the canvas shading the memory against the wind in this humanity this field of waiting …for eternity and proper goodbyes….


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