good things.

1. Baking.

2. Butter.

3. Double check and don’t forget to add the butter.

4. Hand written letters

5. Cheesecake

6. Family.

7. Be forgiving as you can. When you reach your thirties everything levels and you understand you don’t have forever or endless opportunity. But you also know, you don’t know all you will know, you have so much left …

8. Reading on Sunday’s with coffee.

9. Thunderstorms.

10. Old films.

11. Nora Ephron’s essays and books.

12. DVDs and 90s films (it’s really interesting to find out why we don’t have films like these anymore …you lost the dvd and vhs market so they have to have a win right out of the gate and that’s a gamble they aren’t willing to make…Matt Damon talks about it in a couple of interviews.)

13. Used book stores.

14. Halloween

15. Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

16. Sweaters and naps

17. Cooking for company.

18. Coffee dates and walks

19. Writing essays

20. I’m particularly thankful for Humira and my doctors and specialist…sometimes it sucks taking shots every week but then I remember all those weeks in the hospital and NG tubes and surgery

I’m thankful for stories

The power of language

We can be anything we want in life but not everything – but with writing, we very nearly do …

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