Supernova ( ninety nine times nine)

Black Holes, it’s said, are not empty space, but rather so much matter packed into a small space, that it creates a gravitational pull so strong that even light itself can’t escape…

Maybe this is why you feel so locked in…you’re not a shell…you’re still you…

These are created when a massive star dies…the ghost remnant core remains and it pauses while collapsing…here…time stands still…

You’re not something else just because you’re depressed

Just because you’re frozen in an event …

You’re still you

You’re still light …


greatly influence the neighborhoods around them

If a normal star passes by and is touched by the gravitational pull

It can tear itself apart…emitting gamma rays into space…

This can dramatically create new,

or even stall the growth of,

Or devour surrounding stars …

This is why

I believe we are not as we are told…

You are not weak

You are overwhelmed

We are after all, light and made of star stuff…

Please know…

It’s only that we are packing so much information in small spaces,

Like trying to fit the moon and the sun times ninety nine and nine in our eyes and hearts …

We can’t beat on like that …without erupting…into a supernova

It’s devouring us

It’s inspiring us

It’s stalling us


You don’t have to

Take it all in

All the hurt

All the pain

All the world over

Come back


The stars

Come back to yourself

You are heat

You matter

You bring your own light

You influence those around you

You touch more than you know

You matter

You matter

It’s ok to pause

You’re still you

And you make time pause

Because you’re older and larger

Than anything we’ve known

Even the universe has to pause just to take you in…


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