Lens (our times)

I ask myself …

How much do we owe the past?

Source unknown

We look at our times through an instagram lens

As though we are the first to feel such pain and ask such questions …

To feel the enormous task of responsibility before us ….

There is a certain amount of gratitude owed here…

It was only 70 years ago

40 years ago

20 years ago

It was a lifetime ago and only yesterday …

I’ve asked myself if I should keep a journal, surely I won’t forget these times …

But how much have we already forgotten…

D Day had a loss of 4K plus

Filmmakers documented it and couldn’t even show the footage, it was too graphic and too painful ….

Those who came before us

Sacrificed so much …

Believing that if tyranny ever repeated itself …civilization could not survive it…

We owe it to the past

To ourselves

To take ourselves and our communities seriously…

To tell these stories and remember …

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