The courage

Every morning the world was burning down in some new raw written way. The headlines delivered by the ghost writers for God and the Times.

It wasn’t “out there” it was closer to home…people you knew…

You didn’t need an anecdote anymore…a piece of knowledge that you googled because you were pretty sure, even though it wasn’t true…it felt true…this was in your lawn now, on your street, looking in your window above the sink.

It was death, it was the devil drinking beer, returned for the second bite of the apple…

It was our times and our plague and this was all we had…

And you tried to just see it as it was…all of it …not water it down…with prose…you think you won’t forget but look at us…we’re human…we are microwaveable emotions…

So you write and you try to document how it is…just how it is …
Holding eachother
So you don’t fall apart
The pain
The tears
The death
The uncertainty
The suffering
The courage
The courage
The courage


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