When you’re young
You believe you can be everything to everyone
But it’s hard enough to be something to just one …
It takes all of us
We all need each other
In terms of art
Drink the shot of bourbon
Leave your mark
Drive the open roads in the place you grew up in
Let the soil take root
And give you your soul back
In terms of the heart
I can offer you my hand
These arms to hold you
To walk with you
And I can
Do my best to love you
She counted my whiskey bottles
15 empty and 3 full
“Are you an alcoholic?”
“Nah, functioning, functioning”
“I have alcoholic friends I don’t need another one …”
I thought about it for a few days
She never said another word
But I poured it all down the drain
I had a good job
My money was finally right
Everything has to have balance
It’s easy to lose your lane
Get a chip on your shoulder
Think you know
I prayed while looking over my bluff
Hoping I somehow make this place softer for someone
If even just myself
The leaves are changing again
Like our hearts
Like our minds
Like our bodies


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