Weather (Mother Earth)

The earth
Doesn’t stay in any one season all year
It changes
It rests
It is hot and cold
And it is still whole
It is still complete and it is still its very own…
You can change,
You can rest,
You are still free and you are still you…
I don’t know what hurt did to you…
I don’t know those rooms
I don’t know who told you you were crazy
Or that love was supposed to hurt
I don’t know those parts of the frame we all try to hide…
I know this …
We are still here…
Yes we were hurt
But we are still trying and that says more about our humanity than any hurt …that we still try…
It’s ok to not be ok…
It’s ok to rest and to be overwhelmed …
To ask for help
To go to therapy
To take medication
To seek solitude
To start again …
This is your first time here…
You’re still new
You’re still you
This is our lives …
Job scraped his own boils with broken pottery trying to find a moment just a moment of comfort …
Samson begged the lord for a moment just a moment of strength again…
Christ wept and sweated blood …
You don’t have to be perfect
You don’t have to be anything at all
You can change
You can stay the same
You can be anything you want
You are you
And you matter
Right now
As you are
Not some future version of you
But you
Right here
This is us
We are still living and loving
And this is our power
This is your power
Nothing would be the same without you…


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