Manic Hearts

You can take the fields of gold and silver,

Blue skies too,

We started out so young and full of potential,

Now we are broken and bruised,

You can take your hard earned pay checks

Your twisted words to save the deep end of the wound,

But this won’t save you from the rafters

Of the manic heart

The soaked lightning fuel to fire

From the anxiety in a room

The deal makers

And the users

The madmen make deals with death

Hoping for more time

Building cities on a stack of cards …

We buy a new car today knowing we will be told it’s used in 12 months

We have 52 weeks of fashion

Compelling us our scarf isn’t good enough

And we must be bored in silence

Go go go out and find something new

How do you protect the manic heart from the beating of the storm

He said he used to have hobbies

Now he didn’t know himself anymore

She said she used to be beautiful

But that was before the light left the room

Admiration is not a human need

How do we fight against the children screaming to be the next

Influencer online

Idle chatt

No prayers offered to gods

Just mice swiping for the next big hit

I feel myself

In her arms

And with her asleep on my chest

I feel

A little less alone in the dark

All the light is building from a candle

On the table

And it keeps us warm through the night ….

One candle can fight off the coldness from a storm …

Open arms that calm

The mind that races in the rafters of the manic heart …

– E

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