Get to know me

In 2011 I started this site on my phone. I was very young and sorting out some things from life. Parents seperating and my own depressions. I needed a place to put my thoughts. People began responding to what I had written on other sites.  I was discovering a new window of communication. There were other people out there that related to me. And they could be on different corners of the earth. And they were.

I can’t say how it happened. I just know I began writing more and more and I liked it. I wrote poetry and essays, short stories and songs. Some very badly. And it’s all here. A lot of it is dark from 2011 to about 2013. 

That’s when I purchased my own domain name. and started writing to write. 

I liked it. 

October is Haunted October. Along with other fictions. Harper Valley: A senior highschooler  being haunted by the ghost of  a girl from the windows of the town Landmark, Harper House. Or New York: Artists living in New York. Talks with Women: Interviews with Writers and Nurses and Mothers. Letters to a Nurse: Letters to my wife. And other poetry and humours.

It’s all here. And most of the time I still write from my phone. I wanted it to be very accessible and easy to navigate…if it’s easier still. Just like my FB page. 

If you’re on a desktop the menu is on your left. With categories. If you’re on your phone. And you’re reading something you like, just hit the title to disable endless scrolling. then scroll down to see catagories and you can see every Title series I’ve written. If you’re enjoying Beagle in the City: short comedies from my Beagle’s perspective. You can read all of them easily without hassle. And there is also a search bar. 

These are the stories in my head…I can only hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

I love the craft of writing. I promise I will do my best not to waste your time as a reader. I will respect the story. Without you, it’s just a blank page. I want you to enjoy this space. I want you to feel safe here. To return here. I want this place to be your reading nook. 

Just a few more things 

I can also be found Now on Kindle!

 Please rate this blog on Amazon. I know it doesn’t feel like much,but it does so much. Thank you again for all your support. You make this possible. 

For more of me 

Go to Bleeding Ink Poetry on YouTube 

Or look for me on Instagram @esbethune 

Mental and emotional health are very important to me. I know from experience and no one knows what goes on behind doors. Or at 3am.

If you’re dealing with anxiety and depression. Or thoughts of self harm or helplessness, there’s help and you are not Alone

Also, I write about our shelter dog. My furry friend, Simon. If you want to learn more about adopting…look Here .

Thank you for all that you do. 


-Ethan Bethune 




20 thoughts on “Get to know me

      1. Of course! And that’s such a great compliment, thank you so much.

  1. I just found your blog and have been looking around a bit. Very nice! I admire your ability to stay with it–not just month by month, but as a personal journey.

  2. Very captivating blog Ethan. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read thus far. I plan to keep up with your website.

    Best Wishes,
    Baxley from the Opera

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