Ache in the Art

There’s a deep ache in the art…
There’s a place you can go
Where nobody knows
How the love you held
So easily be
ashed from a cigarette …
we move from mountains to valleys
So easily used to the news
Are we surviving ?
Or are we just numb from trying …
There’s a dream I keep remembering
Where we follow the shadows down,
we keep creating
Lines across paper
Making our own way …
The sun keeps on setting…
Blood in the water
Says I don’t have much time…
I still have the scars
From all of those nights…
There’s just enough room
To build a new line
word after word …
Chasing some kind of Immortality
a shade of sky
There’s some kind of pain
Some kind of rain …
I’m not looking for anything
But my own peace of mind …
My own solitude
I think I remember
But I soon forget
Wherever we’re going
We have to leave behind …


@adamchasefields 📷


It takes what it takes,
Not everyone will understand that,
But there’s no shortcuts.
It’s one mile at a time
And a lot of process and focus and work every day…
Every day.
You get up and you continue,
It’s a lifestyle,
And it’s not considered normal…
To a lot of people it’s considered toxic…
They will want you to take a break
Take it easy…
You’ve already come so far…
It will be easy to find people who want to waste time,
And waste nights
And waste money…
And those things are easy to do,
Because it numbs the responsibility of it all…
But you’re building
And you have to start, really, before you even see a return, understanding this…
It’s more than survivalism
You have to desire more than just making it…
It’s more than staying safe and below the radar so everyone around you is happy…
It’s more than what you’re used to…
It’s taking inventory of where you are
it’s getting a little better
Every day…
It’s more than just winning…
Because you’re elevating not only yourself but those on your team and those in your community and those in the water with you.
It’s cultivating something new
Something with a return …
Something that hasn’t been done before
Something that some of us may have never even seen before…
And this is why it’s important.


Golden Fields

What if?
This never goes away?
This, being whatever you need it to be…
What if?
It always aches?
What if?
We never go back
to the way we were?
How do you go on?
continue …
You may never be what or who you were…
And so now, you know the face of things…
Pain, heart ache, life, work and hunger…
it makes some of us hard and some of us soft and it made me …
Made me want solitude…
And quiet places….
All of it is useful….
You are still you…
Even in the face of these things…
And in these quiet places, there is a stillness and a depth
And there is a new you waiting.



The earth lets a breath out
Just before the seasons change
These days
You are building
Are a foundation
For a house
A life
A legacy
How are you?
How can I love you,
And know….
Set all of these emotions aside
And make a small difference
Within these dynamics …
So we know
Inside of these breaths
These seasons
That we loved
That we connected
We held eachother
Through the weather
And we lived …
And boldly
And we left a legacy
This house
A home
To elevate humanity
And empathy


Oh Marie,
All your favorite flowers already came too…
Then drifted back to sleep…
It’s just like this weather,
She drinks her coffee black,
Puts it right in the fridge and calls it iced…
She wields her pistols and knives…
I never said I was ready,
I’m not ready,
And I
try to retreat from society,
Just to hide away,
Watch the moon behind this mountain…
You know how human we are…
She says she has her issues too
And god knows,
Mine are coming due…
I never said I was better….
Look at all of this weather…
The way that we are…
She says
To come back down…
Be honest with myself…
We all have our issues…
God knows mine are coming due…
All the flowers already came too…
Then drifted back to sleep…
She drinks her coffee black,
Puts it right in the fridge and calls it iced…
All we have is time
All of mine was loving and living
And everyone is leaving
I went back home
Looked over that field
That basement
That land
Where poverty left it’s mark
Where I said
Never again
Never again
Never again
never said I’m ready
You only get the chances you take
There is no security
Only opportunity
All we have is time
New mountains
New stars
Put the old ways to rest
Bury the dead
The old vices
Face the ghost
Let these bones know
To let these things go