2020 #10

This is us

Out of quarantine

This is us without arms


Honor your self

What’s really going on ?

It’s not even fall yet

What happens next?

We live in a political world

Get your food supply

Take care of yourself

Make good art


Quiet yourself

Trust yourself


How is it

That we make it as a team

And get through this

We all are a community

We are all citizens

We rise and fall together


Get your food supply

The night they burned the mountain


We just want to live

Don’t want to die


We just want the chance to cry

To grieve

To ask the questions why


It fills the bones

This pain


A lifetime of remembering names …

Can we believe the truth

Do we really want to know …


Maybe we are all the same

We just want to live

We just want to cry

We just want to dream

To ask the questions why


Maybe nobody knows what’s going to be

But we can believe the way it ought to be

Stand by me

Stand by me

I think together we could make things

The way they ought to be


Will my heart stand tall?

Can you hear my call ?

When the mountains fall ?

Will you be there ?

When the wall comes down

Could we reach inside

And over this

Can we reach

Better days



We’ve been young

We’ve been old

We’ve been bought

We’ve been sold

Can we reach inside

And over these walls

Can we talk tonight


Will a heart stand tall

Will you hear my call

When the mountains fall…

Could we reach inside

And over this …

Bleeding ink #1,448

Talk about

Your doomesday state of mind

All the colour from the sunrise


Worn through

Bleached out

I’m cut open

Like the emptiness inside of this room


She says

Tell me again

How I’m too much

And never enough


The way we landed

From sky high

To these trenches


They said we would always have ….

And they said

Even gods and angels


The hurricane is coming

How hungry will you be

Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of stew

Jacob wrestled God until morning


It feels like a 100 lb anvil in the center of my chest

I keep looking for truth

Keep looking for you

But all I see

Is these rains

These days

This hurricane

2020 #8

Photo origin Ethan Bethune

Maybe we didn’t realize what we had.

We sat at the bar every weekend talking about the virus. It was this fog in the distance. Like a whale under water, all you could see was the blurred image.

D, would come in with her pro roe shirts and explain her newest tattoo, there across her ribs.

We became this community,

A, bought me a drink and would explain how she backpacked Europe in the ‘70s

Sure, age was just a number, but it was also a feeling she said. You’re as old as you feel, she looked over at a girl dancing;

Once you get a certain age or feeling, you’re invisible and that is so much worse than dying. Enjoy it, you only live once. she said.

We were all there.

Maybe we didn’t know what we had.

We worked all week.

We were relaxing.

And now we are different. We’ve grown, we’re older, softer, stronger, We’ve never been here before…

And I wonder what stories we will tell…

When we are all together again.

If we would be so present

We could all hear the others heartbeat.

This is us.

In these very small, extraordinary moments….

They flash by us

Becoming a year

A wrinkle on our skin

A grey hair

Part of us

Leaving it’s mark…

This is our lives.