The years fly by
Faster than light in a memory
Now everything changes
My friend
My friend
Remember when…
Walking from the fire
Took everything you had
Some things burn hot
Some blood burns cold
Some hearts turn to stone
Get your chains off me
The years fly by
Faster than light
Everything’s changing
You should’ve seen it
Are we born again and sober
Or are we just older ….
Said we didn’t change
When the darkness passed over but look at us colder….


New year new

Hang in there
This is life
This is what you’ve got
I flipped the script
I changed it up
Maybe I was a fool
I panicked in the beginning
Thought what the hell have I done
But then you ask
Ok what do I do now?
I have to keep going forward
I have to
I can’t stop
I can’t stop
The sky is the limit
But we’re going to break through that too…
Both feet on the ground
Reality can be distressing
But if you’ve got the moves
Stay in the ring
I know you want to scream
3am what kind of life is this…
Build a dream
This is your life ….
What you get is what you’ve got…
What do we do about it ?
What are you gonna do now?
Keep pressing
Keep writing
Keep building
Soon you’ll be flying
Looking back saying
Look at that
We overcame
What we thought would crush us
We surprised even ourselves
We can build
We can change
We can run this race
That boy from the mountains
Passed down shoes
Kerosine heat
Concrete floors
A lot of sacrifice
But look where it got you…
Look at what a boy can do…

Keep your head down
Keep pressing
Keep writing
Keep climbing
Soon you’ll be flying


Life and movement

Here’s the thing I’ve learned
It’s so easy
Break things down to their root value…
Move through life with intention
And focus
When things pull at you
And bid for your attention
What does this have to do with me and my goals ?
Carry on …
You can’t fix everything
Maybe later you can
But you have to go to that place so you can level up and come back here and help those who helped you level up as well…
But to get there
You have to keep your focus and again…



It’s time to get up

Ain’t nobody here taking you out

Nobody gonna save you

Nobody left to bluff

It’s my call

My choice

My goals

In front of me

I’ve got the fire

I’m not playing

All original

Above average

I’ve got what you need

More than you could ever want

Hard times can always reload

Bullet proof

Feet on the ground

Leading by example

Born in the darkness

Shaped by the process

I don’t know if you’re ready

For the prize fight

This is more than a lifeline

This is the show of a lifetime


Get up

Go get it

No questions

No limits

You only get one opportunity

One shot

Doors close

Lights off

Fire it up

Fire it up

Press on

Man you born for this

Above average

Carry it!

They don’t make them like you

Not normal

Shaped by the times

Go get it

Go get it


Feeling the roots to the pain
Reaching deep down
For my witness
Got to admit there was seasons
Where I doubted the existence
But I figure
When the devils at your door
Every night telling you
To give in to the doubt
And you’re lesser somehow
If there’s a heaven there’s a hell
Vice to verse
One love one lane
One season one pain
One gain
I’m inspired somehow
He never said he’d supply a luxury
He said I’d have enough bread for the day
I have bread in my freezer
Rice on my counter
A beer in my hand
Enough for the day
Every day
Know now
I’m not giving in
I’m not giving out
Not to the doubt
It’s the fire
In my heart
In my eyes
He knows the need
I’m not giving in
I’m not giving out
And there at the cross roads
I’m waiting for my victory
Working out
Not doubting it
I’m so close
Breaking through the lies
I’m not settling
I’m shooting for the sky
Taking what’s mine
Who made the rules ?
I hate losing
I’m running not from my past
But from poverty
From this lesser part of me
I’m taking everything to victory
I know what the past has
My life has got to be like this
My life has got to be like this
Moving forward


My life

Feeling subdued



Feeling the ice cold

Cover my soul

Coming in hot

Just to melt it


They said you had red letter days

Mug shots

Shot to shot

You living on hustle hard

Bread and alcohol

I finished my last rice

I’m not stopping

I’m not stopping halfway

I’ve bled too much

Sacrificed too much


I only get one shot


And she’s pushing hard

Building what she sees

But how is it that she can’t win

When she walks in the room

It’s her clothes


Are you with her just for the comfort her body allows

It’s times like these we’ve got to figure it out

What we thought we were

What we thought life and love was

And what it actually is

Who we are has to rise up

And overcome what we’ve been


I admit

I was playing in the beginning

But now I’m hungry

I’ve seen the possibility

And it’s feeding me

We’re not the same as everyone

And that’s fine

You write to kill you kill to write

Putting the words down just to suffer getting them out

It’s a struggle but you’re real

You’re not missing any note shots


She enters the room she don’t care what you think, what she does and says , wears and thinks, how she moves how she breathes, unapologetic, she’s a different fire new breed the lay-off payoff

Her 9-9 is cashing out your receipts

She’s cashing out

Building wow

You can’t figure her out

New breed new fire fresh desire

Old you can’t apply

Her foundations are older than time

Her hustle is real and you can’t buy that from the App Store.



You’re not built the same as all of those other people …
You’re not meant to fit in
Stop trying
You can’t look to the past
You can’t go back…
You can’t
Those years are gone
You’ve been through too too much
You’ve seen too much
You are not the same you…
Those years
You grew
You had it hard
You worked hard
You grew up in the dark
You were building
You can’t look back hoping for people for something that is gone…
I remember working when I was 6
I remember going to the hospital when I was 18 and having surgery
And thinking “I can relax …I can sleep…I can’t fix everything …but I can relax now…”
I remember all the hard mornings and hard nights …
I remember
But I do not blame them or no one …
Those things made me who I am…
I choose…
I choose to build …
And I choose to keep fighting…
I will not quit…
We’ve came too far to quit …
And if you’re unrecognisable
If people don’t know what to do with you
If you make them nervous
If you can’t be labelled
You’re building your own brand
You’re a new thing
Do not quit
Hard times made you
You were meant for this.
Job scraped boils with pottery
Seeking a moment of comfort …
But he did not quit…
You’re different
You’re meant to be different
You’re not normal
You’re a different breed
They don’t make them like you anymore
Because you are born in darkness
You are born out of survival
You are born
Out of decision
You chose at some point
Who and what you were going to be …
You saw what was around you…
But you carried a vision in your gut and tho you were born in struggle and darkness, you had fire in your bones …
And you cannot quit
You’ve made it this far…
You may fall…
You may get hit…
You may struggle
You may doubt …
You may get tired …
But you always come back …
You learn
You move with the hits
You get stronger
You build back
You’re building something …
You’re not suppose to fit the mold of what is common
Because you’re uncommon.
It’s not normal to be like you are…

And thats ok.

You were meant for such a time as this…


Hang in there

I don’t know any other way to say it

Hang in there

Just hang in there,love.

If you make it

Head above water

Hold your body next to mine

But no,

You’re on your own


When it’s quiet at 3am

Not a single jot would change a thing



Hang in there

You’ve made it this far

But if you make it this far??

I’m numb

I don’t feel anything

I’ve worked through this entire year

I’m working still

No relief package

No help

Just working three jobs

Head barely above water

The madness vase

No sleeping in until 9am

Not enough money even to invest

If Door dash went live


Friends I know would be rich


But I’m still right here

Observing and waiting

But I’m tired

I’m so fucking tired

And I feel nothing


Less than nothing


Everyone is bitching

And it’s 12 months in

I thought we’d just began?


Hang in there, love

You’re not out of battery

Things don’t have the meaning

That they appear to

Hang in