30 for 30 #15

All the parts of me

From the past

I look back on

To recognize

How much I’ve grown

And all the loves

I thought I loved 

I look now

And know

I loved you first

And I’m amazed

Because I love you now

More than I ever did


I laugh


I have a lifetime

To learn something new


And again



And don’t mistake me

Even when we’re fighting

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else

I can’t imagine

Not being able

To argue with you

It’s as important to me

As all the rest

I just want to be in the same room

With you


That is a room

With a priceless view.



30 for 30 #14

She said she played guitar 

Not her vagina 

It didn’t matter 

Her being a woman shouldn’t have anything to do with it 

She was of course a feminist 

Not against men but definitely a feminist 

Think what you want from that 

“Women have really had to take it 

From the very beginning ”

And men 

“Men hate it when you can do something they like 

Especially if you can do it better ”

Her mom never tried to be the perfect woman 

She was a woman 

Who dressed the way she wanted 

Jeans and t shirts 

She was really before her time 

That played a big part she thought 

So here she was now 

With a guitar 

And some paper with words on it 

Some ink stains 

That make music 

Showing how important it is to shed your soul 

And if a little girl somewhere wants to play guitar 

They should play it 

And play it better than all the boys 

Brody Dalle shot by Julie Kiecksee 

30 for 30 #13

When I was younger 

I played baseball 

I wasn’t any good 

But I played 

The first time I had sunflower seeds 

I didn’t know you were meant to spit the shells 

(That’s the fun of sunflower seeds. Spit on the ground, spit in a cup, spit on your enemies) 

I said, well, they’re ok, kinda crunchy though and scratch your throat. 

Because that’s how smart I was. Genius. 

I think of this every time I see canned food with a tab saying  “pull tab” 

My younger self would have needed that. I know this, because I tried stabbing it to death with a knife. I only almost cut myself 18 out of 20 times. Yes, we had can openers but I wanted to be like a pioneer. 

Sometimes I wonder what kids do these days 

I climbed trees and fell out of them 

Breaking limbs on the way down and mistaking them for broken ribs

I ran home and yelled, out of breath,  I’ve broke a rib!! I felt it! And heard it snap! Oh no I’m gonna die I just know it! 

This of course was just not true 

You can’t run like that with a broke rib.  You can if someone is serving ribs…

I wonder what kids do these days?

Snap chat 


Video games 


And YouTube?

Does anyone run down the aisles on those stools with wheels at the library anymore?

Or wait at the grocery store for the rain machine to come on with thunder over the fresh greens? While pulling all of the coupons from the coupon machine and trying to make purchases with them like they were grocery store dollars. 

“Yes ma’am I believe these should cover it.” 

Or attempt to checkout the entire set of Nancy Drew at the library? (They won’t let you do that by the way. Five maybe, not 56.) 

You have to have these experiences as a child. You have to be able to ask your Librarian for help finding The X Files Book and Scary Stories To Read In The Dark with all of your Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. Because the  Dewey Decimal System and filing cabinets were cool but intimidating. 

Now, I don’t know, even if I google it wrong or sideways it finds what I’m looking for. 

And it’s all so fast 

And yet so far away. 

I’m thankful for those librarians 

And for those books 

Who help curious over dramatic children find what they are looking for and recommend books that they don’t know they will love. 

30 for 30 #12 

The world is burning

How did it get that way?

It’s always been that way

It doesn’t take the best out of us

Don’t think that way

It requires the best from us

How beautiful

That we can come together

And we can love

We can remain curious

And the earth



Our husbands and our wives

Will continue

To surprise us

We can even surprise ourselves

I think that’s worth it all

How far we’ve come

Why stop now ?

It’s one at a time

A little bit day by day

A new habit

A new way of seeing things

Cleaner air

Cleaner energy

Better cities

Better communities

Coming together

And for me

Writing better

Writing more

Staying positive

You don’t live your whole life in a day

It takes 24 hours at a time

And eventually you look back and you see how much you’ve changed

That’s life

So we will keep on

Little by little

Making this house


For those after us

And a little better

For us now

The world may be burning

And we may be tossed back and forth

Tragedy to chaos

But we were built to last

Most of the time -not all – but most

The things we worry most about

Do not happen

No one saw the Soviet Union collapsing

But it did

Things change on a dime

In a single flight

Or taxi drive

Over coffee

Three text messages

A single moment

Heavy moments are bass to the score of life

Wrapped in regular moments

Keep on

Keep on

You are built to last

You are built to last

You have eternity inside your veins

The cosmos in your eyes

You may feel like your life is

changing casts and characters

But everyone brings something

To the table

Be proud of your something


It’s yours

And no one

No one can play your part

Like you

You’re the only you 


30 for 30 #11

Write my wrongs 

I leave it all bled out 

The world is breaking up 

With all your ideals 

What are you gonna do now?

I have a thousand songs 

A hundred books 

All of these damned windows 

Inside this house 

I left them open 

And bless my soul 

You brought the wind 

When you came in 

And now I’m calling you 

Your coming over 

Is coming home 

This is our home 


I guess I’m just young 

Troubled old souls 

Worn shit out 

But this 

Is worth 

It all 

Write it out 

In paper napkins 

Just for you 

Try to get write right 

Inside the lines lights 

They keep highlighting 


And I want want 

To tell you 

I’m coming home 

You make it home 

You make it right 

And this is what a dream looks like when you get right 


Image origin unknown 

30 for 30 #10

(Image origin unknown)

Oh my love 

Feel you dance with me 

Touch you 

In my doorway 


Walk my way 

Show me 

How you walk that way 

I’m done 





Let’s get to the best 

The skin 

The seduction 

Your language 

Undresses me 

I’m not putting you 

On the moon 

We don’t walk that way 

We heat the core of the earth 

Because we move that way 

And now 

The world 

Is burning down 

But I feel you 

I feel you 

And this 

Is what we come here for 

To come 

And come 



30 for 30 #9

His alarm clock blinked 3am 

He had an old clock 

From 1996 

With big red letters 

He had tried an old iPhone 

For a few years 

But he liked having his things prioritised 

Alarm clock 



Everything else was just a fad 


If he lost the damn thing …

He looked in the mirror 

When did he get so old ?

One minute 

He was young 

Getting married

Going to work everyday 

He tried to think …

What was it like?

He didn’t know

The next minute 

They were old

What did they do?

What did they like?

They scrolled on their phones?

For what?


Now everyone used something else 

Fb faded away for snapchat after it had more dead accounts than live ones…and then snapchat went to another thing

What had been so important?

Other people’s lives?

The best he could recall everyone was miserable 

And just trying their best

And now?

Everyone that was left was old 

Who cared what they looked like?

If he logged back in?

It would be memories 

Of what?

An article ? 

On clothes?


A governor?

Who could remember what it was all about?

Who said what 

The shame was seeing how far 

Everyone went to defend an opinion 

Or how much they could swallow 

But what did it matter?

Here he was 

And he couldn’t recall

His own marriage 

His own life 

When was the last time 

He really had done something for his wife

What was the best sex they’d ever had?

The best vacation?

Their favourite sex position ?

The funniest memory?

He couldn’t remember 

What did his wife look like naked

When they were young?

He couldn’t remember 

They spent so much time 

Just scrolling 

And now

He couldn’t get it back